Engaging consumers: it’s more about a long-term relationship than a one-night stand

by Laurent François

I had a very bad feeling as consumer this afternoon. I went to my closest optician. I had received a discount offer, so as I decided to go there. The first contact was pretty cool. The deal was great. Everything went well. I ordered my lenses, my sunglasses and my normal glasses. I received the two first items on-time. But. Yes there’s a but. Their labs broke my normal glasses, so as they could not deliver them on time. Until now, everything went mad:

  • I was not informed of the delivery process
  • I went to their shop, and I was not well received
  • I don’t have any clear deadline of my purchase

So just a little thought from my side: I won’t go there anymore. My second thought is: it’s good to make a consumer come to your shop. But if your CRM forgets the key R : RELATIONSHIP, and a long-term one, your business is about to die. In our markets, everything is said to be one-to-one. You have to include and consider “accidents” and “events”, and prepare a process to counterstrike.
Apparently, not everywhere.

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