P2P interview #8 with Joe Pulizzi (Junta 42) : "It’s about developing information that people can’t live without and love to spread"

by Laurent François

I discovered Joe Pulizzi thanks to his interesting Junta 42 selected blogs (and basically, I have the big chance to be #42 in his last one). He accepted to answer few questions…

  • Hello Joe ! Can you tell us in 140 signs who you are WTH you’re doing online?
JP – My role is to be a content marketing evangelist. Teach people how to put their publishing hat on and leverage that to talk directly to their customers. And hopefully, have some fun and make a bit of money while we do it.
  • How come you’ve established the Junta 42 ranking?
JP – Marketers and publishers are looking for ways to create better content. There were lots of social media and marketing ranking systems, but none that focused on the art of content. Although you’ll see some heavy hitters at the top of our rankings, you’ll also see some relative unknowns (at least for now). Now, we are searching for ways to make it a more valuable resource. Any ideas? Let me know.
  • You mention “content marketing”: does it mean that marketing used to be meaningless ( haha) ?
JP – Good one, but in a way you are right. Traditional marketing messages revolve more about product or service messages. Content marketing is all about creating valuable, relevant and compelling content for your customers that is “tied” to your product, but doesn’t promote your services AT ALL. It’s about becoming a trusted solutions provider for your customers. It’s about developing information that people can’t live without and love to spread.
  • If you could achieve a great project thanks to social media, what would it be?

JP – Our only goal is that marketers start to think like publishers and create their own valuable content engines within their customers. If that is facilitated through social media, than I would be ecstatic.

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