Pop-up stores: marketing revival linked to affinity media

by Laurent François

Stéphane Lautisser, a great digital planner based in France, gives us some insights about “pop-up stores”.

Pop-up stores are “moving stores”, that aim to create a new relationship with consumers:

  • get new types of people
  • make consumption an event
  • show a greater creativity
  • etc.

Stéphane quotes some examples like Method, or Everland:

Everland in Paris: has there ever been a stranger work of art than Everland? It’s a travelling hotel room that tours Europe, plonks down in beautiful places and people visit it, even staying the night, to get a vision of a world where mobility and permanence magically collide. And, in properly pretentious modern style, once you’re inside the room, you’re part of the art. It’s currently sitting on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo gallery in Paris, facing the Eiffel Tower, and you can pop in during the day to investigate – while also touring the most consistently innovative modern-art gallery in the city. Sleeping over is more complicated – you have to visit the website daily and grab the nights as they become available, about two months ahead – but even a visit would make a fascinating centrepiece of an arty weekend in Par”

Good to see that this kind of marketing fits with digital culture, and our “affinity” minds.

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