There’s nothing less natural than a brand in a mailbox

by Laurent François

I had an interesting conversation with a relative last week-end. He asked me what he could get from social media for one of his client. I answered: what can your client give to the citizens?

It can sound like arrogant (and it’s not because I’m French, come on!)

But after a while, we had this common statement:

  • there’s nothing less natural & normal than receiving an email or an ad from Scientology or Pizza delivery services, online or offline
  • we don’t really read and care for what does not concern us in our daily life
  • we’re all a bit rebellious and marxist: that’s our power as consumer to say no! to external presences and attempts to abuse us

Few hours, and few cups of coffee later, we had this common position:

  • brands need value propositions when they talk to citizens: you can only talk shit when you’re already good friends
  • you become angry only with good friends; so when you don’t know someone, you have to be kind and introduce yourself first. “Hi, my name is Pizza delivery service. And you?”
  • brands are chosen by consumers. and hey! consumers are the guy who buy your products at the end (it seems stupid but we have to think about that)

And that’s as simple as that!

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