Web-loggers as global press correspondents ?

by Laurent François

I sometimes wonder if a web-logger (anyone logging to the web to publish any view) is not just like a press correspondent. A press correspondent can sometimes writes or shares local testimonials in newspapers, whenever he wants.
We as web-loggers don’t want to embody a journalist role at all, it’s a full-time job. But journalists can include us as new sources of information. Filtering us and reorganising our thoughts can lead to a common narrative…
What are the similarities btw a web-logger and a local press correspondent ?

  • they both collect data that are local ones: local in a geographic way but also in an affinity way
  • their contents can be “absorbed” by several enterprises, both individual and collective, depending on diverse levels of filters
  • they don’t have to report to an editor
  • they both can give answers to the “what’s happened in my town?” or now “what’s happened in my favorite universe?”

Journalists now have to analyze all our conversations’ knots & hubs to reshape them…and make them information.

What do you think?

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