WOM is noise that thinks

by Laurent François

A thought by Victor Hugo seems really powerful to me:

“music is noise that thinks”

All our noises, conversations that seem useless at first sight, can then make sense, if we learn how to sort out, how to filter, how to figure out what’s the whole story about.

Point A, point B, beginning of another episode, chorus, echoes, word-of-mouth marketing could be this noise that thinks.

Social media is about using wind (Twitter) or wood (blogs ?) instruments. About finding a way to organize co-players, to write a whole story.

Good news for us: we think because we talk. So as we create value.

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  1. Very good one.
    Having done a little bit of ‘traitement du signal’ in my early days, there’s signal in noise…and most of the electronic device that analyses noise to find the signal filter, amplify, connect 😉

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