Ad of the day #12: The fairy tale of Doritos slow dance and the people

by Laurent François

for THE Return of The SLOW DANCE (3)

I read that thanks to this guy:

“Cue the return of the slow dance. The campaign kicked off with an online petition to get Argentina’s populous discos to play more slow songs, hosted at a microsite which became the centre of the campaign. Then, the campaign moved to social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Taringa to further mass the troops, and a TV, radio and print campaign showed the benefits of the resurrection under the banner, ‘Slow Dancing Could Do It All For You’. A mailer went to bloggers and journalists containing mixtapes featuring classic 80s slowdance tracks (including Foreigner – OH YES, they went there) and condoms cobranded for the campaign.

The petition picked up 500,000 signatures in just two weeks, thus building a sizeable CRM database for Doritos. The best bit, though, has to be a fan-organized flashmob around the largest mirrorball in Argentina, the Planetarium, to which 7000 people turned up. How’s that for user-generated content?

When a brand meets a society expectation…funny time but value added.

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