Are organic search results the clean power of conversation?

by Laurent François


I had another conversation this week-end about bio, organic food, social media etc.

My other thought (so as you can, I only thought 2 times this week-end) is:

  • for food, we have bio-label, certifications, energy-friendly brands, norms etc.
  • and for “buzz” and digital influence, we mostly talk about “organic search results”, organic buzz…

My point is: as we have better and healthier food that are said to be “bio”, aren’t organic search results the best and most relevant contents we’re looking for?

Best and most relevant because:

  • we can trust them because other people told us they were good
  • they have more chance to be commented than other results because they focus more attention (vertuous loop?)
  • that are kinds of information that are better in the long-term: they stay longer on first pages of results, so they can be more probably discussed, extended etc.

So Google, Delicious etc could be this “bio”-certification for information.

What do you think?

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  1. Good thinking – I like it. How can I find you on Delicious?

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