Content me por favor!

by Laurent François

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I had a funny discussion this week-end about “buzz”. Remember how I dislike this word? Have a look here on why Buzz is non relevant notion. But anyway, I had this friend telling me that to make a buzz “buzz” (see how complicated it can be on Saturday night) you just needed 3 things:

  • sexy images
  • funny story
  • easy to understand message

As you can guess, I totally disagree.

  • people are not only sex-addicted folks looking for a naked picture of any girl
  • people are not only men (wow!)
  • people want to have fun, that’s certain, but they more generally want value added

And here comes the “value added proposition”:

  • it can be fun moments…
  • but it’s more often to get relevant moments

So basically, content is king. Content is what makes people expectactions match with a brand message, or with any message at all.

Just imagine: your gf or bf ask you for a great restaurant address. If you MMS him/her a sexy picture of you, he/she’ll probably laugh: but will he/she get what he/she was looking for? Not at all. You’ve entertained him/her: but you haven’t informed him/her.

So what shoud you have done: write the address on your sexy picture.

You would have entertained+informed: INFOTAINMENT

-it was the sexy thought of Tuesday morning-

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  1. Merci Laurent for this very spiritual post. No doubt we’ll know how to infotertain you at work from now on. 😉

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