Don’t think digital only. Think 360° communication

by Laurent François

@Geek and Poke via Enikao

Funny enough, everybody’s (or more precisely: everybody from our social media world) is now claiming that we all have to think Facebook, Twitter. Read on Adage:

“While overall spending on marketing may go up, traditional-media outlays are declining, and spending is growing on the creative and technology necessary to implement social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Agencies have to find a way to continue to make money in this environment.”

It’s probably true, but. Yes there’s a but. The guys who say that you have to think “Facebook” or “Twitter” just miss one key-thing: you definitely first have to think 360°, strategy and communication, not tools that are only tactics. Because if you keep telling your clients about tools only without explaining them what’s the logic behind, you miss 2 things:

  • you forget all the traditional paths that could be highly relevant in addition to a social media plan
  • you reduce your scope of action

More dangerous, you generate 2 consequences:

  • it’s then normal if clients come to you with a brief like “we want to be present on Twitter”
  • it’s then normal if clients don’t get you if you don’t include Twitter in your magic social media plan

(What: do I look angry against social media gurus?) 😉

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