Enterprise 2.0: diverse social media stories in Europe ?

by Laurent François

Matt Rhodes invited me to comment the last AT&T report Enterprise 2.0
Social Networks — Changing the way we work.
Here are his views:

What is most interesting, however, is to explore this data a little bit deeper, and indeed to look at the data on a country-by-country basis. Taking only the adoption of social networks as part of “everyday life at work in Europe”, the figures reveal something surprising – Great Britain lags behind the other countries in the study:

  1. Germany – 72% of respondents report adoption of social networks in the workplace
  2. Netherlands – 67%
  3. Belgium – 65%
  4. France – 62%
  5. Great Britain – 59%

This positioning is surprising, not least as adoption of social networks like Facebook is higher in Great Britain than elsewhere in Europe. That rate of adoption of Enterprise 2.0 may reflect more on British working styles and habits, or indeed on the mix of industries that predominate in that country.

So does it really mean that enterprises are not so happy to get into social web?
Few hypothesis:

  • first, SMEs and SMIs in Europe are not always big IT-structured organisations. What it means is that probably some of the respondents don’t use computers during their office hours
  • it’s pretty surprising, but GB seems to”just” discover Twitter (compared to the US). It’s one of the few things proving that GB and other European countries experience diverse social web “stories”: for instance, GB is far more in advance concerning broadcast, entertainment, TV-related web programs, whereas French can be in advance concerning “pure” people-to-people conversation etc. Social networking in GB can be a “biased” notion, because related to entertainment
  • then, you sometimes use social networks even if you don’t know it: when you use some daily tools, you don’t always “think” of what it is
  • To be followed!

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