Facebook business model (visual): advertising in people’s life-stream

by Laurent François


Blake Chandlee presented a keynote during AdTech about its Facebook business model and on how to engage brands / consumers
The mechanisms seem simple:

  • there are more passive users than active users: these active users will be the brands’ flagships
  • thanks to a giga dataming, Facebook will link the most relevant ads through the more relevant communities, floating on the social graph, based on active users results
  • Facebook will implement these ads in people life-stream, in the same manner as they know who tagged who, who is now in a relationship etc.

But many things drove me crazy:

  • advertising is not natural: you’re not going to risk all the time your reputation in making your friends get involve in all the ads you like
  • it’s supra intrusive to diffuse fan-pages or other indirect ads in the middle of people interactions: that’s not ENGAGEMENT
  • the most active users on Facebook are not stupid
  • what about the rest of the social web?

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