Trace and digital fooprints as a power issue in social web

by Laurent François

Funny to see how Gavin and I were connected last week: I read again a book by Jacques Derrida about trace and here’s what I found:

“In the 1960s, Jacques Derrida described a trace as the “mark of the absence of a presence” – which is precisely what happens to our digital “selves”. We are socially connected, operate in a sense-and-respond mode, exercise social judgement and all the while, leave our presence in places where “we” no longer exist. For all intents and purposes, the social web is Deconstruction made manifest.”

  • trace only appears with experience
  • experience can only happen with another human being
  • …so trace is all about conversation
  • …archiving is a way to capture traces
  • …then trace is a power issue

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