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May 13th, 2009

Marketing 5 E’s : gentle manners, not psychology in WOM

by Laurent François

David Armano had published an interesting pattern called “the novelty curve”.
In Armano comment:

“An interesting fact is when you’re telling all your friends, some of them may start the Novelty Curve again.By the way, great blog! Posted by: German

And so the word-of-mouth is spreading around, that’s why it’s so complicated to add a measurable timeline: so many parameters can interfer on the organic buzz.

In a recent interview, Chris Abraham mentioned that psychology was superior to marketing:

“In the big picture, what do you think is more helpful in understanding buzz and word of mouth: marketing or psychology?
Psychology. I think that the first step is always to understand what motivates people to do certain things. Marketing techniques come and go, but if you understand why people talk about products, you can find new ways to motivate them to talk about your brand.”

Well, which marketing are we talking about? :) probably not the very last one that says that we’re now in the 4 E’s age:

  • experience
  • everyplace
  • exchange
  • evangelism

To which we could also add a fifth E’s:


And it’s certainly where psychology can match with marketing. But I’m now going to tell you why it’s not about psychology but about gentle manners:

  • psychology is a science. Psychology is a vertical way of thinking. It’s a tool, made to analyze and at the end “manipulate” opinion
  • and you’re obviously not influenced by psychologists, but by people that you may like. They can be very empathic, but they’re probably more than that: sensitive, intelligent, authentic. And gentle.