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May 23rd, 2009

Twitter: advertising is not the only way to generate revenue

by Laurent François

I read recently a great news about Twitter:

Given that Twitter is determined to avoid advertising, the plan to charge companies for tools and services is one of the firm’s most promising revenue strategies. There is certainly some market for the tools Stone describes – the large numbers of big brands that join the site each day is testament to that. The question is whether Twitter can charge enough for simple services such as brand verification to cover its operating costs after its venture capital funding dries up.

A pretty interesting business possibility: advertising is not the only way to generate revenue on a popular social media.

I like this idea:

  • you keep the core value of your service and extend it through premium assets
  • you make your service evolve with the stakeholders, answering their business needs instead of forcing them
  • you give another vision than Google or Facebook, and it’s a great breathe to change the common discourse