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May 28th, 2009

From talent quest to blogger’s apartment tour: Canalblog rocks the WOM!

by Laurent François

Canalblog, a great French blog networks decided to organise a very original promotion for Exsonvaldes band. It’s called (excuse my translation) “why not home?”.

The idea is that the band is going to organise live concerts in fans’ houses, if they own a blog. So as this marketing but cultural campaign is very relevant:

  • it builds a deep relationship between the fans, their friends and the band
  • it values the blogger (it’s happening in my own house!!!)
  • the blogger is a kind of point of entry between the band and the networks he owns
  • it generates attention (why not in MY apartment?)
  • it leverages a deep word-of-mouth in real life but thanks to social-media as accelerators

Great project from my point of view.

And guess what: they play in my place tomorrow evening!

Exsonvaldes – Lali
par Exsonvaldes