A new kind of virus attack; using bloggers’ digital influence

by Laurent François

I’ve experienced some difficult weeks on my French blog. basically, I’ve been attacked several times by hundreds of different IPs

The main principle of the virus is quiet simple: it contaminates one’s computer, finds the logins and passwords of diverse FTP accounts (through Filezilla, Dreamweaver etc.), tells a botnet wich webiste can be exploited, infects them (thanks to an iframe code) and transmits information to other bots.

Some bloggers have been under attack. They can install http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/antivirus/that will scan their WordPress templates.

This attack is very pernicious, in terms of negative digital influence:

  • it focuses on websites/blogs that are very linked together
  • it benefits from bloggers’ reputation: you trust a person, so you often visit him/her, so you
  • it’s complicated to stop it because it is implemented in internet users’ daily habits : you don’t have to go on a porn website to be touched

In this case, bloggers were the new trojans. Very malicious. When someone uses digital influence in the wrong way.

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