Facebook: can you really be multidimensional?

by Laurent François

I had an interesting conversation with Dominique from eCairn, who was pretty surprised that I was promoting a fan-page.
Out of the campaign, what’s pretty interesting is the reaction of my Facebook friend:
I don’t fit in what he expected from me.

Isn’t it a limit of Facebook: you can’t manage in a public way all the relationships you own, because you can’t be the same person for everybody. You share different interests, different affinities that can’t match with ALL your friends.

So can brands that are not consensual be promoted thanks to Facebook?

There’s a dilemna:

  • the more friends you have, the more complicated it is to satisfy them all
  • the more brands you like, the more you can make your friends angry

To be followed, and thank you Dominique !

One Comment to “Facebook: can you really be multidimensional?”

  1. Hi Laurent,

    Isn’t this great to start a conversation in Facebook and continue in your blog !

    That’s actually the point I want to make…

    Communities exist and live without brands and the best strategy for spreading your message is, to me, to leverage these communities not to try to build one specifically for the purpose of your campaign.

    So the real challenge is to clearly articulate your messages for the community you target and to find these communities on the net.

    Communities exist beyond Facebook and Facebook is very good to map “the community of Laurent’s Friend” but very week at mapping “The community of people who love biking”.

    So it you market your weeding, a personal event … it’s perfect. For a new brand of coffee, that’s different.

    I tend to believe that this is here to stay.
    Someone who’s passionate about biking and spend hours writing about it want a higher level of control and ownership than what FB provide. That’s what blogs are for… and you expanded the discussion in blogs.

    Anyway, thanks for the exchange and all the best for Ricore.
    (which is for my taste better than most of the coffe I can find around)

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