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May 25th, 2009

Ad of the day#17: Samsung laptops that dance and talk!

by Laurent François

Incroyables ordinateurs qui prennent vie

par 411x


Ou comment la machine est aussi un objet qu’on cultive dans nos imaginaires…bon dimanche

May 23rd, 2009

Twitter: advertising is not the only way to generate revenue

by Laurent François

I read recently a great news about Twitter:

Given that Twitter is determined to avoid advertising, the plan to charge companies for tools and services is one of the firm’s most promising revenue strategies. There is certainly some market for the tools Stone describes – the large numbers of big brands that join the site each day is testament to that. The question is whether Twitter can charge enough for simple services such as brand verification to cover its operating costs after its venture capital funding dries up.

A pretty interesting business possibility: advertising is not the only way to generate revenue on a popular social media.

I like this idea:

  • you keep the core value of your service and extend it through premium assets
  • you make your service evolve with the stakeholders, answering their business needs instead of forcing them
  • you give another vision than Google or Facebook, and it’s a great breathe to change the common discourse
May 22nd, 2009

Social media monitoring: can we really predict the future?

by Laurent François

We often have this question from our clients: what’s the value of listening to social media? Can we predict the future? How can you interprate a huge volume of signals?

Beyond those questions, one thing really matters: explaining that social web monitoring is not about divine super-powers, but about implementing a strong rational material in this strange -and oh! FREE- world.

  • you filter and structure the social discussions
  • you better understand how public opinions can be shaped, thanks to an analysis of where the conversations happen, of who’s talking and why, and which arguments are used
  • you reveal what are the communities that are involved in the debate, and also communities that are not present whereas you thought they should be there
  • you summarize the whole insights in a simple manner, that can be understandable by anyone

Social media monitoring is all about finding the insights you’re looking for in order to better understand the marketplace you’re working on. About understanding expectations and usages. It’ll help you avoid big mistakes and misunderstandings. And it’ll drive you to the good people.
You deconstruct to map this liquid world.

Once you know where you are, who THEY are, and what you can do…it’s like being aware of who’s the smoking gun in a thriller: you don’t know yet the whole story, but you know where it can go…

More challenges are to come: always more media to include, always more formats, networks. But out of the web spaces, the priority is to share a good knowledge of what social media monitoring means (objectives, means, techniques): as we’ve seen, it’s an executive tool, made for decision-makers. You need to make sure that these guys know what they can do with this kind of report.

May 20th, 2009

Ad of the day#16 "The Lady Noire affair with Marion Cotillard

by Laurent François

Another proof that content is king thanks to this wonderful Dior short-film with Marion Cotillard.

May 19th, 2009

100 marketing buzzwords in 2009

by Laurent François

Marketers always create new words. It’s both “bullshit” & relevant. Because these words are linked to our current context. For instance, in 2008, according to Jive, ROI was the 3rd buzzword. It’s now 11th. It may prove that there a cultural slide into the fact that marketing must go back to public, that it’s not only an automatic system. And so comes “value justification” as the n°1 hit of all the buzzwords. Here’s the ranking:

Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords of 2009

  1. Value Justification – this was a hot buzzword/phrase in late 2008. We expect that this “buzzword” will continue to be on the lips of many marketers and business owners in 2009.
  2. User Engagement – engagement was #9 on our list a year ago but has jumped up into the number two position this year as companies will be working that much harder to get users to engage with their content on their websites.
  3. Business Objectives – in 2009, you can expect to hear a lot about defining business objectives as organizations proceed with lean initiatives.
  4. Lean – you’ve probably already heard that 2009 is going to be a lean year from the economy to budget spend. After a tough 2008, many organizations will be looking towars lean initiatives to ensure that their organizations remain competitive and profitable.
  5. Benchmarking – rounding out the top 5 is benchmarking as companies will be focusing on their direct competition to try and measure their own success.With that here is how the rest of the top 100 play out:
  6. Personalization
  7. Incremental Improvement
  8. Success Metrics
  9. User Intent
  10. iPhone App
  11. ROI
  12. Blended Search
  13. Value Add
  14. Lead-Gen
  15. Brand Identity
  16. Twittering
  17. Bail-out
  18. Visibility
  19. Digital Marketing
  20. Strategy – one of the most mis-used buzzwords out there.
  21. Conversion Analysis
  22. Online Budget
  23. Value Stream
  24. Social Networking
  25. Actionable
  26. Usability
  27. Viral Marketing
  28. Consumer Appeal
  29. Merger
  30. Off-line vs. Online
  31. Low-hanging fruit
  32. Share of Voice
  33. Content Optimization
  34. Integration
  35. Re-skilling
  36. Quality Score
  37. Long-tail
  38. Wiki
  39. Head (keyword)
  40. Online Marketing
  41. Blogging
  42. Best Practices
  43. Cutbacks
  44. Benchmark
  45. Torso (keyword)
  46. SEO 2.0
  47. Business-to-Everybody a.k.a B2E
  48. Site Architecture
  49. Buying Funnel
  50. Mobile
  51. Brandstorming
  52. Below Zeros
  53. Webmaster Tools
  54. Loyalty
  55. Demand Creation
  56. Web Analytics
  57. Simplification
  58. Restructuring
  59. Corporate DNA
  60. Dollarization
  61. Downtrending
  62. Video Optimization
  63. Web Conferencing
  64. Semantic Mapping
  65. Bounce Rate
  66. Alignment
  67. Keyword Research
  68. Lifelong Value
  69. Online Evangelism
  70. Recession Proofing
  71. Mobi
  72. Consumer Retention
  73. Organic Search
  74. Segmentation
  75. Online Video Ads
  76. SEM
  77. The Obama Effect
  78. Deferred Success
  79. Win-Win
  80. Calls to Action
  81. Website Re-design
  82. Emotional Ecomomy
  83. Greenlining – the process of going green in the office as a method of improving the working environment
  84. Mobilization
  85. Facetime
  86. Waste Identification
  87. Measuring Value
  88. Trended Analysis
  89. Enterprise Marketing
  90. Voice of the Customer
  91. Empowerment
  92. Holographic Conference
  93. Google Recession
  94. Employee Surfboarding
  95. Work in Progress
  96. Re-engineering
  97. Budget Checking
  98. Redeploying Assets
  99. Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  100. Embedding