People Earnings Ratio: "I’m tired of using technology". Milow insights

by Laurent François

I was listening to Milow last night and I stopped on one of his quote:

“I’m tired of using technology”

And I found this statement pretty brilliant:

  • why do we always need technology in our daily life?
  • how come technology is so much discussed instead of conversations themselves
  • why device before usage?

And it’s probably why I so much like blogging and online conversations: because it’s simple, it’s the people first, it’s about logging to a space, not about installing a tool.

It’s something we should keep in mind: what is worth is what’s happening thanks to the people that are using a tool and generating value.

In finance, we talk about Price Earnings Ratio “a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the annual net income or profit earned by the firm per share.[2] It is a financial ratio used for valuation“. In social media, we should talk about People Earning Ratio.

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