Words are power and capital

by Laurent François

2nd March 2007 – Words
miss southpaw

Themos made a great job: he analysed the most popular Twitter accounts, and got into bio information and words that are used. Here are his conclusions:

Student appears to be correlated with low popularity accounts.
Engineer also appears to exist often in low popularity accounts although the correlation was not found to be as strong as for students.
Common words existing in popular users Bio appear to be the following : social, media, marketing, CEO, founder, author, entrepreneur, blog, twitter, news, writer, internet.

And even more interesting, in his previous post he went into the semantics that users chose:

Some of the words -and their synonyms- that were found to be associated with very low follower counts are :
– Sleep, Hate, Damn, Feeling, Homework, Class, Boring, Stuck
A total of 63 words and 25 phrases were found having either a positive or negative association with the followers count. Interestingly, specific phrases that communicate any kind of opportunity are also associated with high number of followers. “Thank you” is highly related with a user’s large popularity.

So what does it mean ?

  • People are looking for value added, so as your daily life does not seem to really matter
  • People are looking for gentle manners: if you’re kind with people, they will support you and follow what you say

That’s why if people are looking for value added, they’re looking for deeper sentences. And for deeper words.

Words are power, and therefore capital on Twitter: the more you give value added through words and relevant information, the more followers you have.

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