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June 2nd, 2009

Scientology’s trying to digital influence wikipedia and public opinion

by Laurent François

Thomas Crampton tweeted an interesting news right here:

“Do Scientologists care what has been posted on Wikipedia? Of course,” said Karin Pouw. “Some of it has been very hateful and erroneous. We hope all this will result in more accurate and useful articles on Wikipedia.”

As you may know, the trial is going on in Paris. Scientology tries to figure how to build a path to the information they want. So as Wikipedia had to block contributions coming from the scientologists, as it was generating an “edit-war”.
When we know the strength of Wikipedia to shape a first opinion about a wide range of topics, we can understand why Scientology is a bit worried.
On Google first results, the only opponents to Scientologists are Wikipedia and “operation clambake“. We can also notice that Scientology is more and more investing in online advertising, and very often “flag content” that are not promoting the Church (especially on YouTube and FB).