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June 16th, 2009

Goethe was right and online vs offline is now dead

by Laurent François

A little thought after the Iranian movment and the Facebook “usernames” that now looks very similar to our “real” identities

  • offline vs online is no longer a debate
  • it’s only about active vs passive online
  • access to this “X-line” is a new social capital
  • there’s a way of living for people that now must be first protected (and not first amplified)

This online existence is a daily fight that can make messages go around the world or stay at the very local level. Consequences and impact are linked to this new ability.

Goethe was right about our liquid modernity:

“Yes! To this thought I hold with firm persistence; The last result of wisdom stamps it true; He only earns his freedom and existence Who daily conquers them anew.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe