Connecting intent and content: towards search engine marketing

by Laurent François

An interesting Enquiro study “maximizing online visibility” demonstrates why search engines are more and more the very first conversation engaging point:

“Because of the integral nature of search, especially at the earliest stages of the purchase process when prospects are discovering the landmark sites, search can be used to “map the path”. Once you know the vocabulary, do your own searches and see what landmark sites come up high in the rankings and offer a compelling “information patch” to the prospective buyer. These will tend to be sites where either information about a product category can be gained, or multiple vendor offerings can be reviewed, ideally with objective reviews or ratings. If these are the paths your prospects will be going down, you should find every possible opportunity to establish presence on them.”

It reaffirms the role of listening first to conversations that people generate, because they can probably use different words than what you were expecting in your marketing HQ.

And it must lead to connecting consumers intents to relevant contents; you can’t manipulate people path to conversation. It’d be like asking what time it is to a passer-by and not even waiting for his/her answer but selling clocks…

We can now talk about Insumer :

  • gives inishgts
  • has an intetion when he searches
  • finally decides if he buys or not

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