Facebook is just like an old Fiat 500.

by Laurent François

Facebook wants us. Or more precisely our stories:

“In a way, Facebook’s dilemma extends from its success. Users see the site as sanctified space, a place to engage in intimate conversations with friends—not to be laser-beamed by weirdly personal advertising. But with initiatives like Connect and Open Stream, Facebook can sell ads beyond its own site. Just as Google’s AdSense program sells ads on any participating Web site, Connect and Open Stream will eventually push Facebook-brokered advertising to any member site or app. But unlike with AdSense, Facebook’s ads could be exquisitely tailored to their targets. “No one out there has the data that we have,” says COO Sandberg”.

It sounds to me like a the worst part of a Naomi Klein book (I like her, though). Here’s Facebook magic world:

A consumer’s world. You’re a target, a happy victim. And brands would be able to provide you the more relevant ads ever.

Relevance and one-way advertising. Strange motto.

Olivier Mermet gives us some nice views:

“En revanche, il possède également un potentiel néfaste, tant cette précision peut parfois mener trop loin, mettant mal à l’aise les utilisateurs par ce côté “voyeuriste”.

La cinquième étape du plan démoniaque de Mark Z. serait elle de faire accepter ces pratiques aujourd’hui indélicates ?”

And he’s obviously right. With this strategy:

  • where’s the value proposition?
  • mining so much of our implicit data to send us at the end banners and fan-pages, is it that impressive?
  • in such an affinity world as the web, how Facebook can make us believe that he’ll be able to touch any consumer?
  • brands need stories and emotional communications: how does the Facebook platform fit with these issues, whereas the structure is very difficult to personalize much. Facebook is like a Fiat 500 in which you could only chose the color.

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