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June 21st, 2009

Super Hero Barack Obama. Towards a lame buzz?

by Laurent François

Political communication has experienced (again!) a new way, thanks to President Obama:

Earlier in the evening, Obama and the crowd enjoyed a two-minute animation film depicting U.S. President Barack Obama as a superhero who has come to “save the day, fixing all the woes from the economy to foreign threats. The video was produced by Jib Jab Media who have a history
of producing entertaining political animated sequences.

“When Johnny comes marching home” is the viral video’s music. Is that really pure humoristic / funny piece for a cool annual dinner with the press corps? Few thoughts:

  • this song “when Johnny comes marching home” has been sung since 1863. It’s a Civil War son. So as a war song
  • Virtual Comic-nication and Real Politik seem to go well together: “Le style Obama consiste à adopter une attitude «cool» et ouverte, en jouant sur une modestie qui parfois fait place à une grande fermeté de langage
  • Fine inspires me : “A baseline marketing truth is that any successful ad campaign is seized upon by zillions of imitators. I once had an exasperated movie marketer tell me that many higher-ups were fixated on the kind of stealth Web campaigns employed by The Blair Witch Project or the ill-fated Snakes on a Plane, apparently not comprehending that what works for low-budget horror films may not translate to an 18th century costume drama. Marketers have Obama on the brain because there aren’t many other marketing success stories right now. (And also because, as a largely wealthy and cosmopolitan group, they probably voted for him.)“. President Obama does not sell yoghurts. The promise he makes in his communications can be very disappointing in the long term

Let’s see if after all these revolutions, President Obama is not introducing a new notion: lame buzz (after lame duck).

June 19th, 2009

Veolia Environment: hacked Facebook fan-page

by Laurent François


Here’s an exemple of a famous brand with an online reputation jeopardized. Julien yesterday tweeted :

“Les ‘fans’ de Veolia environnement sur Facebook sont toutes quasi nues! Veolia dans le porno?”

Some examples of active Veolia environnement fan-page members:

Lana Lopez

Anissa Sanchez

Nothing to worry too much about, but the sign that when citizens want to hijack a brand reputation, they can do it easily, moreover if they don’t have a community of allies.

June 17th, 2009

Social Media is the new punk rock!

by Laurent François

Very interesting analogy between Punk movement and social media.

“Passion & participation” better than “posing and profit”.

To be buzzed !

June 16th, 2009

Goethe was right and online vs offline is now dead

by Laurent François

A little thought after the Iranian movment and the Facebook “usernames” that now looks very similar to our “real” identities

  • offline vs online is no longer a debate
  • it’s only about active vs passive online
  • access to this “X-line” is a new social capital
  • there’s a way of living for people that now must be first protected (and not first amplified)

This online existence is a daily fight that can make messages go around the world or stay at the very local level. Consequences and impact are linked to this new ability.

Goethe was right about our liquid modernity:

“Yes! To this thought I hold with firm persistence; The last result of wisdom stamps it true; He only earns his freedom and existence Who daily conquers them anew.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

June 15th, 2009

Market, trust and social media

by Laurent François

Read in Business Week:

“With or without structural reforms, more assertive boards of directors can help shareholders feel like they have an advocate. “The board and senior management need to have a relationship of trust,” says Michael J. Missal, a partner at law firm K&L Gates.”

Funny enough, this is really close to what we can read about social media marketing. That can lead to this idea:

  • if shareholders are first citizens and therefore insumers, there’s a need to answer the questions they ask in social media
  • finance communications mustn’t be just a classic shareholders/press/companies discussions but a social web/shareholders/press/companies loop
  • this diagram can help in going back to core competences and identify on what companies should communicate to shareholders