Social media & new product development

by Laurent François

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Edward Boches wrote a great post about how social media can help and improve new product development. Here’s his main insights about Olympus E-P1:

1. Make a commitment to listen, engage and share
2. Define your community
3. Determine objectives
4. Engineer your presence
5. Build a following
6. Engage, share and inspire participation
7. Do something attention getting
8. Mobilize your community
9. Measure results to use in determining actual sales and their relationship to the conversation.
10. Keep on going

As we said, and as Olympus knows, this isn’t a program or a campaign, it’s a commitment. So we’re still at it. Listening, talking, sharing, responding. Of course it’s too soon to see the sales numbers, but feedback from dealers has been very positive. And we know based on previous experience that there is a correlation between buzz and sales. So that’s a good thing, given that bloggers and press are writing, prospective customers are talking, and the videos are getting shout outs everywhere.

I really like this specific idea that there’s a relevant link between tangible value chain and social media listening. One of the core issue is to integrate more and more sales’ items and final customer services’ feedbacks with social media monitoring. It’s utterly powerful, because social web is all about real people sharing view with other real people. It’s not about engaging them online. It’s all about making them the true co-create, the true shareholders of the product you’re launching and developing.

We’ve done that in France for one of our clients and the results in terms of quality improvement is amazing. The company can make real changes, base on real and authentic testimonials in the long-term.


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