The limits of Facebook affinity ads

by Laurent François


Here’s a snapshot of diverse ads that target me every day on Facebook
To sum up:

  • many ads for single and for love-affairs. Strange, because I’m not single. Does Facebook want to make me cheat or what?
  • ads for Laurent Gbagbo: I have 2 hypothesis; either a FB developer wants to have fun, either Laurent paid a lot so as he touches everybody
  • there’s an ad for an “extremely that creates a dependency”: the translation is crap, so as I guess it’s been done by a computer
  • ads for low cost flights. Why not
  • ads for unknown persons

So Facebook advertising is not that interactive and extraordinary: we find the trilogy “sex / easy to earn money services / traps / coupons”

Nothing in comparaison with fan-pages that are recommended by my “true” friends…Heavily (evil-y?) efficient…

To be followed

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