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July 6th, 2009

Scott Rosenberg about "blogging, its past present and future"

by Laurent François

Scott Rosenberg
shares great insights with Business Week:

Their deeper thoughts. Microblogging is a way to extend the weight, the history of the posts.

Here’s a quote of his next book “Say Everything”:

“If you care about the fate of journalism and its role in democracy and culture, this second choice turns out to be the only satisfying option. And when you realize that, you also realize that the debate is over: you have just resolved it. In this controversy, as in most others today, to ignore bloggers is to miss the entire event. Whatever the drawbacks and limitations of blogging, it serves, today, as our culture’s indispensable public square. Rather than one tidy “unifying narrative,” it provides a noisy arena, open to everyone, for the collective working out of old conflicts and new ideas. As the profession of journalism tries to rescue itself from the wreckage of print and rethink its digital future, this is where its most knowledgeable practitioners and most creative students are doing their hardest thinking. “