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July 7th, 2009

Circus starring Britney goes social in Bercy (Paris)

by Laurent François

Britney Spears rocked Bercy in Paris last Sunday.
At the very beginning, we could be scared because of very sarcastic press coverage like this article written by Bartholomé Girard :

“Au milieu des danseurs qui chauffent la piste, Britney Spears se montre plus que jamais absente, perdue, comme si elle ne voulait plus être là, n’y était plus tout à fait. Comme si elle n’avait plus envie d’être une poupée de cirque? Mais quoi d’autre ?”

…and also because I’m more into “underground” or rock bands…but you know, sometimes life is made of experience. As French say “il n’y a que les cons qui ne changent pas d’avis”. Anyway…

But I was really surprised by the performance and by the marketing around

  • perfect interaction between Britney history (clips, Perez Hilton issues etc.) that was broadcast on Russian dolls-like screen and the individual live performance
  • 15+ performances by very diverse artists (clowns, magicians etc.) who amplified the whole “Circus starring Britney Spears” universe
  • A great openness to other references in entertainment :“Most daring was a sequence that began with a video that showed masked interlopers borrowed from the Stanley Kubrick film “Eyes Wide Shut,” who writhed about on divans as Spears mouthed the Marilyn Manson version of the Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This”). Spears then emerged to reenact the scene wearing two versions of a white-gold gymnast’s leotard with her erogenous zones highlighted in black. She gave a lap dance to a clown; she was lifted aloft by a pair of acrobats and did some simulated heavy petting. In truth, nothing matched the raciest moments of Janet Jackson‘s last tour, but as mainstream erotica, it was effective.”
  • people were pretty encouraged to shoot or film the concert, so as the experience keeps going online thanks to user generated contents. It’s obviously one of the main asset: engaging video-conversation, engaging fans into the production of the final digital footprint of the concert. It’s probably why Brit-Brit uses Buzzmediat:
    “Britney Spears uses the site to bypass the paparazzi and deliver news straight to her fans, offering users access to her personal story like never before. The site features pictures, videos and news updates from Britney herself as well as updates by Team Britney. Fans experience exclusive content and interaction with the beloved superstar without the medias looming bias.”

More about the Tour:

  • Tour director: Jamie King[56]
  • Musical director: Simon Ellis[56]
  • Choreographers: JaQuel Knight, Tony Testa, Dreya Weber,[56] Rujuta Vaidya[57]
  • Dancers: Jose Omar, Willie Gomez, Jonathan “J-Boogie” Rabon, Chase Benz, Jia Huang, Laura Edwards, George Jones JR, Luke Broadlick, Tiana Brown, Justin de Vera, Valerie “Rais” Moise, Marc “Marvelous” Inniss, Ava “Ava Flave” Berstine, Tye Myers, JP San Pedro, Devon Jameson.
  • Managers: Larry Rudolph, Adam Leber
  • Costume design: Dsquared2, The Blonds, David Alexander, Catriona Mackechnie
  • Stylist: William Baker
  • Tour promoter: AEG Live
  • Tour Sponsor: Virgin Mobile