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July 9th, 2009

#WebCream: the day Zara had fashionista insumers

by Laurent François

Paris, 7pm in the Zara store, on Rivoli Street. A Saturday in March.

Fashionistas are there with their crews. They test trendy denims, trousers, shirts etc.

The music is good…and some girls are alone, in the fitting room. No matter but…But most of them have a smartphone, an iPhone. And they shoot themselves, share the pictures on Facebook, through email, through messengers.

Something had changed.

The fashionista could have seen this video before going shopping:

Charly, une modeuse-blogueuse au Forum des Halles !
envoyé par notreforum. – Regardez plus de courts métrages.

She could have compared her thoughts and desires with Charly on her blog to deepen the conversation.

She then could have organised an event on Facebook to go shopping and warn her friends that she needed them to chose her new clothes.

Her friends could have told her that they had found the same denim on an online retailer but with a special offer.

Nonetheless, the Fashionista could have wizzed them and could have claimed that she still likes impulsion, intuition.

Her friends commented it several times on her blog.

I feel like social media became just a little bit more social real this year.

July 9th, 2009

#WebCream: what’s in a name?

by Laurent François

You’re a blogger, a writer, a twitterer, an online citizen?

You have a story to share with the whole world that can illustrate the impact of social media/web on your daily life?

Do it now and use #WebCream to identify your post, and discover other citizens all over the world.

At the end, we could consolidate in a single book/document all your stories.

So do it now!