French cities are connected, but not yet social

by Laurent François

A great news this morning about web usages of French towns which can be interesting for social media addicts and citizens::

“Uséo, a présenté sa dernière publication sur le dialogue citoyen en ligne à partir de l’étude de 137 sites de villes de plus de 50.000 habitants. Sur les 75% des villes qui affichent une démarche participative sur leur web, 46% se limitent à un formulaire de contact, 17% affichent leur démarche, 17% animent des forums avec possibilité de laisser des commentaires et seulement 22% d’entre elles donnent globalement un espace d’expression à leurs administrés. Une très faible minorité (4%) s’appuie sur des espaces de dialogue modernes (appels à suggestion pour 3%) ou de réseaux sociaux territoriaux (1%). Conséquence, faute d’organiser cet échange de manière institutionnalisée, dans 23% des cas, le débat local prend des formes contestataires sur des réseaux alternatifs au site officiel”

So in English and concretely, only 1% of French cities websites implement at least a social media presence

  • …whereas local citizens’ expectations for conversations have never been that high
  • …whereas local citizens then go on detractors’ webspaces who are the more active at the local level. They catch the citizens’ attention


  • local bloggers are crucial in France and play a very important role
  • local journalists are now starting to shape strong local social networks

One Comment to “French cities are connected, but not yet social”

  1. The main problem is actually that most of those cities are having IT teams from the 90's…

    Also, the people managing this are not into social web at all. They consequently are scared and have no idea where to start.

    They are quite interested but need people to come in and take care of it (and I'm not speaking about all those agencies selling whatever they can to earn money….)

    I had a discussion with the city of Reims last year, they are obviously interested but do not have anyone who knows about it and only local agencies who are using old tools without considering the needs.

    There is a huge economical opportunity for companies which will be really listening to the needs, integrating social features and more over: train the public agents and get into the streets to explain it to inhabitants

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