New consumer, new community, new purchasing paths

by Laurent François

Here are interesting insights about the new consumer journey:

Customers are part of a collective. The information revolution has connected people in powerful ways; it’s never been easier for customers to find the opinions of others to validate their product and service choices. A colleague recently underscored this point through a story of shopping with his teenage daughter for her prom dress. In each new outfit, she snapped and sent pictures of herself with her iPhone, asking for feedback from her Facebook friends, and getting it in real time. He was amazed by this new decision-making behavior.

This specific part is very interesting, as it considers the consumer as part of a whole, as an interaction-hub. Social media is like a bridge that helps him/her find the fastest track to solve his/her needs.

We now have to go back to interaction at its first meaning: how many areas does the consumer cover, where does he/she travel.

It’s absolutely not about a “digital world” or an Internet one: it’s about our real decision-making process.

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