Russians are the most engaged audience in social networks

by Laurent François

Here are the very last results published by ComScore :

Top 20 Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences

Ranked by Average Hours per Visitor*

May 2009

Total Worldwide, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations

Source: comScore World Metrix

Country Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor
World-Wide 3.7 525
Russia 6.6 1,307
Brazil 6.3 1,220
Canada 5.6 649
Puerto Rico 5.3 587
Spain 5.3 968
Finland 4.7 919
United Kingdom 4.6 487
Germany 4.5 793
United States 4.2 477
Colombia 4.1 473
Mexico 4.0 488
Chile 4.0 418
Ireland 3.8 462
Turkey 3.7 427
Venezuela 3.7 454
France 3.6 526
Australia 3.4 374
New Zealand 3.4 386
Switzerland 3.2 430
Italy 3.2 399

*Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Russians are number ones when it comes to average hours on social networks + page views.

Russia is badly known concerning web usages. It comes from the fact that Russian language is pretty bounded, and that in our little Twitter-world, mostly in English, there’s not much interaction between this part of the world and us, whereas it’s probably one of the most important trend.
Several explanations for that:

  • Russia is a continent, so as there’s a big need for communication among the population
  • Russia has a big history in technology
  • Russia needs to have its word in the social web storyline (vs English storytelling)

Here’s a proof thanks to Wefollow ranking of Russian Twitter users, that are not representative of the web phenomenon that Russians experience.

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