Turkish 2.0 revolution

by Laurent François

I’m just back from Istanbul (Turkey) and I’ve been impressed. We already knew that Turkish people discuss a lot online.

And in Istanbul, I had many surprises:

  • mobile phone operators like Turkcell invested a lot to provide 3G offers
  • communications (ads, PR etc.) to the diverse publics are very pedagogic and rational. 3G is not presented as a dreamworld, it’s explained as a useful and pragmatic technology for your specific needs. It’s good to see this kind of message, whereas in France I feel like there’s a distortion between what we pay and what is promised
  • Wi-Fi are opened or not secured in many streets: it can seem like a “pirat culture” but in fact this true sharing habit leads to more online consumption. Isn’t it the top of the top to be able to smoke a narghilé and be on Amazon without having to pray for some internet connection?

To sum up: a social Turkish web based on true people’s expectations…


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