Why people use Twitter and where the buzz is biased

by Laurent François

As eMarketer wrote:

In addition, 29.1% used it to update their status, 25.8% to find news and stay updated, 21.7% for work purposes and 9.4% for research.

So there’s a deep link between the value you get from Tweeting and the time you allocate to the tool.

Not so surprising when we then read that Although those of us who watch cable newscasts can’t help but notice their proclivity to invite us to follow the show or host on Twitter, it does not seem as though Twitter has made it mainstream yet, let alone to its edge. While advertisers and marketers expect Twitter to grow, its effectiveness as a marketing tool will most likely hinge on consumer education: consumers need to learn more about what it is, why they should pay attention to it, and why they should “tweet.” It is the advertisers and marketers who should play the lead role in promoting consumer education if they truly want to move Twitter beyond infancy and into its “tween years.

Finding the way to get ROI for new tools is related to the way you’re able to master them and fully understand them: literacy as we say?

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