Access to "off" information: great resource for online influence

by Laurent François

In our liquid world, that is supposed to be transparent, the more we’re estimated/extimated, the more we need to protect our “off” networks.

Here’s a little equation: what is rare is expensive. It can be linked to what is sought on Google.

What’s rare in social media?

  • sharing an experience in which I was one of the happy few because I was legitimate for this specific event
  • processing a huge amount of data (on or off) to provide a good synthesis
  • managing a community, and so to be able to create links among people, a “relation hub”

In this world, journalists’ missions are utterly important: because they’re paid to process information, because they’re the only citizens out of a network who can be legitimate / invited in this specific event, and because they’re followed, commented, criticised or amplified.

“Off” information have never been so important in terms of influence.
As VQ says “off is my value added”.

C’était bien sûr court, en vrac, et absolument incomplet !

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