Airport Eleftherios Venizelos : a piece of love marketing please

by Laurent François

Hey world!
Last year, I had a very bad experience while I was flying to Greece for WPP Stream 08.

About one year later, things have pretty evolved, in a good way:

  • the Greek airport provides free wireless internet, and many useful information on the home pop-up
  • you can now have a diet coke in boarding zones

Nonetheless, whereas everybody’s talking about experience marketing, we’re far from that, at least in Europe:

  • very few facilities
  • very few interactions & entertainments, whereas you do have spare time btw 2 flights. For instance, in Paris CDG airport, the 2 arcade-games were a hit for young kids: parents were happy, and other travelers were able to have some rest

So little question: why economic class would get only cheap services, whereas we’re living in the iPhone age and smartphones era?


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