Does online political communication need quirky messages?

by Laurent François

Little thought after having read this French article suggested by Palpitt, called “sur le net, les jeunes militants des différents partis débordent de stratégies” :

“C’est le cas, ainsi, des Jeunes démocrates (affiliés au Modem de François Bayrou). Web TV, achat en ligne de l’incontournable tee-shirt orange, partage des articles sur les réseaux sociaux, blogs des fédérations : leur site ( se veut interactif. « Ce sont des médias stratégiques, qui permettent d’innover et de passer des messages plus décalés, différents du standard politique », estime Franck Faveur, à la tête du mouvement.”

Franck Faveur (and the whole article) claims that online communications gives the opportunity to diffuse more surprising or quirky mesages.
But I just think that it’s not a good idea in France, or in Europe in general, to develop this kind of second-degree messages. How come? Because we lack and miss the first one, the political meaning. The very last study that has be done by the European Parliament explains the reasons why people did vote or not:

“The main reasons cited by non-voters for their choice mainly relate to the wider political climate: a lack of confidence in politics in general (28 per cent), the view that voting makes no difference (17 per cent) or a lack of interest in politics (17 per cent). By contrast, only 10 per cent cited a lack of knowledge of the EU, EP or the elections and just 8 per cent said they were dissatisfied with the EP as an institution.”

A lack of confidense, and a misunderstanding of what politics means. When you look at the European elections, you realize that the 2 parties that rocked thanks to social web are Piratpartiet and the Greens. And that it was a long-term strategy, with a strong focus on pedagogy and conversations, using only tactical buzz to boost the whole programme. Social media were the hub of all the interactions they leveraged.

So my point is that you don’t need quirky messages, but new paths to informations – which is quiet different- driving to a clear vision/political programme.

Quirky paintings do not not make sense without that value proposition

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