Following on Twitter French magazines for women

by Laurent François

Deedee (a very famous French blogger) listed the various Twitter accounts used by the main online female magazines (check out her views on her blog). MarieAmélie also mentioned that the list must include accounts from journalists themselves who play a crucial role to manage communities of readers/follwoers”

One insight has to be kept in mind:

“Surtout, surtout, le compte Twitter d’un magazine ou d’un site doit offrir un supplément d’âme, en utilisant le ton qui lui est propre, bien-sûr, mais aussi en diffusant des infos un peu moins “mainstream” que celles que l’on peut aujourd’hui trouver sur une grosse partie des comptes Twitter…”

So as your twitter account is maybe a great way to alert your followers that there are new articles/posts, but it really aims to widen the magazine experience, to touch new circles, to give a tone and a style. And that’s probably why I follow some of these accounts.

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