French media Tycoon PPDA supposed to launch a predictive news website

by Laurent François


It’s Mry who launched the info that is now buzzing everywhere in France

PPDA, the famous former TV star prime time journalist is supposed to launch a predictive news website

here’s the summary:

“Ce site qui verra le jour dans les semaines qui viennent et dont le nom n’est pas encore connu pour l’instant se veut original, nous dit-on. Alliant l’analyse de l’actualité et une vision de l’avenir, ce site se veut en effet analytique et prospectif. Attendons de voir.”

But predictive news, what’s in a name?

HubDub gives first details:

“The basic idea is that Hubdub posts questions, you predict which answer will win and then if you are correct, you receive credits that help you reach the leaderboard. Hubdub launched at DEMO earlier this year and SomewhatFrank and TechnicallySpeaking have good overviews of how the service works. Hubdub CEO Nigel Eccles noted that over 2 million “Hubdub dollars” are traded daily within the network.”

An upgraded poll? Well, it can go a bit further. It can cross & match diverse data from common sense + rough or hard data. A good example for police & politics:

“Police services often use predictive analytics to identify and predict patterns of criminal behavior to help forecast which minor crimes are most likely to escalate into violence. By investigating dispatch data, the police can also create models that pinpoint crime “hot spots,” so they can place tactical units where they anticipate crime is most likely to occur. The Richmond, VA police department provided the results of this kind of predictive analysis to detectives and saw a 20-30 percent decrease in violent crime and homicides in a 12-month period. This technology has also been used in political campaigns to zero in on likely voters to determine what campaign messages have the greatest impact on undecided voters.”

A kind of digital monitoring, but that does not aim to tell the big trend & emerging signals, but that aims to predicts the future events.
Predictive news are also a great opportunity for marketers, as it wants to provide a “perfect” home page to users. So as the ads would be fully context-related. Or more precisely content-individual related
To be followed. You can play on this site.

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