From Search Engines to Friends Engines

by Laurent François

It’s summer time but it’s not really the end of the business feeds as we can see with Facebook vs Google vs Microsoft rivalry:

“This search engine may be a big part of what Facebook is after. Currently the social network has a limited search engine, which only retrieves data from certain types of pages within its own site. “They could plug the [FriendFeed] search engine into Facebook and have a huge win,” Scoble says. If the site succeeds in building compelling search, more Web users may turn to Facebook for everyday searches, rather than general search engines like Google.”

So Facebook, are you running after value added? It seems so. The logics behind is pretty simple: people need other people to interact. People do a lot of things out of dating, poking & tagging photos, and Facebook knows that to keep its mass of “friends” active on its network, it has to give a new value proposition. Buying Friendfeed is not to compete with Twitter (I have to tell you something: we don’t care the tool, we just like the usage) but to save & consolidate its business model.

One step forward in this new war: it’s no longer about search engines, it’s about friends’engines

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