People talking to people, #1 site visited in the world

by Laurent François

Funny enough, everybody seems amazingly happy and impressed by Facebook new fresh stat:

“This trend has fueled Facebook’s popularity, making it the fourth largest site in the world with a total of 340 million unique visitors worldwide. Not bad Facebook! Facebook officially acknowledges that it has 250 million active registered users. But remember you don’t have to be a registered user to access some of Facebook’s pages”

340 millions…I’m not yet impressed: it’s just 6 times French population, coming one time on a website (and remember we’re a small country!). And if you compare it to the billions of hours of communications & conversations happening on the phone, you just feel confused, because it really concerns everybody on Earth. How come? we’re just experiencing social web prehistory. We’ve just learned how to drive people to other websites, to link them. To alert your tribe of your updates, like ancient hunters used to scream to inform their friends. And some guys do other great things too, but I need to be a bit extremist for my post -you know…

We’re not yet at the age of deep and natural conversations-based creations. There are weak signals, and encouraging emerging trends demonstrating that social web can trully be better to create & shape societies’ solutions. But it’s not yet massive, nor mainstream.

I’m happy to be a Nethanderal man, and I’m happy to have Facebook as a very imperfect tam-tam. Oh! and remember: #1 site visited in the world, it’s people talking to people. Nothing else.

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