Twitter down: a new communication paradygm

by Laurent François

We’ve all (I mean, mostly the English speaking world…) experienced today a world without Twitter. No possibility to “tweet” with our networks, no possibility to get the last infos in a lazy but active way.

Great moment, after all, because as Eliot on Wired wrote:

“The world won’t come to a complete standstill as a result of the Twitter outage, of course, but its impact will be felt far and wide. The popular short messaging service has become an integral part of the communications ecosystem — our first question was, how do you confirm Twitter is down without Twitter? — and from its millions of inveterate users, we expect an outpouring of pent-up Tweeting when this gets sorted out.”

No possibility to share quickly the last news: what’s happening now?

Crucial and awful feeling: we cannot know anymore everything in a second. Our path to the proper access was for a while wrong. While you’re working, even going on Google can be too demanding.

Social media is about people talking to people, through a technology though. Happy to have learn again that other means exist, and probably exist more than instant microblogging and microsharing.

Think big, stop only Tweeting!


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