Why citizens need to be active towards marketers!

by Laurent François


We talk a lot about what marketers should do to improve their clients ROI (or ROE) in social media/web.

But I truly think that citizens &/or consumers themselves need to improve their activities towards brands & marketers to…maximize their purchase powers.

How come?

  • marketers like easy-going campaigns & strategies: if we citizens don’t challenge them, we won’t get better services
  • marketers read many studies. A lot of them are at least crap, at worst wrong. So if you want to improve their scope of knowledge, answer to questionnaires. And if you feel like some questions infringe your privacy, tell them
  • marketers are first citizens: engage conversation with them. Ins-pire/sult them, make them be your own ambassadors in the marketing departments of the brands you want to target. Convince them & get your money back

Here we go! Just few quick thoughts. If you have more ideas: develop them!

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