Why storyline matters for our information’s future

by Laurent François

Hey citizens!

Guess what: now everybody’s claiming that Lifestreaming is fab’, like heaven. That Posterious or TUmbLr are the new places to be.

Well well well! It’s probably the new hype as we’re discovering a new mania: archiving our daily existence (both online & offline). Fantastic!

Or not.

Imagine in 10 years from now. You look for an important information on a political issue. You find news, press articles, with a context explanation, links & ressources to get it well.
And you find many blogs, dead or still fresh. Problem is that there’s a lot of spin, of stories inside the story you’re working on. Of inside jokes. And you don’t get all of that noise.

Which is quiet a great paradox: normally fluids become better & better as they become older (think about wine & finance in the long term).

Few points that matter for me:

  • please, PLEASE! backlink, link other blogs, give your future readers the inspiration you had to make them get into your very inside area. It’s the only way to keep the value of the information you’re creating
  • please avoid too much spin! spin is noise for unknown or random guys. It’s great for your peers & your friends. But just as your old highschool crap stories are just damnly boring for your current girlfriend, your past stupid 2.0 inside jokes don’t make sense in the long term. So keep it for Facebook or your social instant networks. Not for your blog, moreover if you try to shape a “new” information
  • please say thank you to journalists: only them can give a context to our dumb sources

To conclude: storylines have never been as important as we’re now lifestreaming or lifelining our daily existence. It’s the only way to avoid bad guys to use our contents in the next future, to just gather them into their own purpose.

Keep it real, citizens!

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