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September 28th, 2009

Aubade: lesson #100

by Laurent François


Aubade has just revealed its lesson #100.

And as I’m a good guy, here it is :

“brûler d’amour” / burning of love

have a good week, kids.

September 27th, 2009

Kiss In: French (kiss) activism for gay rights

by Laurent François


it happened yesterday in many French cities and it was cool:

« Pourquoi le seul moment où on peut voir des homos s’embrasser dans la rue, ailleurs que dans [le quartier parisien du] Marais, c’est pendant la Gay Pride ? », interrogent sur Internet les initiateurs de ce Kiss-in.
translation: why do we only see gay people kiss each other only in Marais neighborhood or during Gray Pride- asked the organisers online

As simple as that: a kiss to claim a right, the one to be as …anyone

September 22nd, 2009

Passion that earns money with Gary Vaynerchuk

by Laurent François

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Wine guru. Then, as any stereotypical French, I had to watch this video.

His position is pretty interesting:

“it’s insane to ask people to be what they aren’t, that why schools suck”

So he basically advocates to go back to what core competences truly are: passions.

Even if I cannot totally agree (a lot of business are not about passion, but how doing well what is necessary), this statement fits well with social web: driving conversational marketing to the proper place, to online or IRL spaces where they’ll experience something refreshing. And sure, it comes to passion to a certain extent.


September 18th, 2009

IRL Pong game (by 2 French guys)

by Laurent François

les vintage gamers
envoyé par sebdeleau. – Regardez plus de vidéos comiques.

Well Citizens, it’s the week-end!

viva pong.

September 17th, 2009

From social network to social calendar

by Laurent François


it’s soon in France, and it’s called iZoca:

the main idea is, if you’re a company & that you want to manage your workforce social agenda, it can be pretty complicated as everyone has his own style & social networks. Here’s the pitch:

“For today’s busy lifestyle one of the most useful tools includes “My World OnThe Go” where members can access schedules from all their groups on their Blackberry’s, iPhones and other portable devices which accept calendar subscriptions. Users can create their own personalized calendar from groups to which they belong and receive updated information as it occurs.”

iZoca can be pretty interesting: instead of focusing on the tool, it considers the final user’s habits & just ask him to join an umbrella platform. You don’t have to quit Facebook, you just have to plug your account to iZoca.

To be followed !