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September 1st, 2009

What’s the antonym of "media"

by Laurent François


We had a quick discussion in French with some fellows on the definition of what the antonym of “media” could be. Nobody found a perfect word, so to summarize our first paths of thinking:

  • a technical point: the anti-media should be not only out of tubes/lines/pipes, but also out of servers, of clouds, of any broadcast system
  • an audience point: anti-media is not made to transmit a message to “others”. So a personal diary is not a media, whereas a personal daily blog can be
  • an information processing point: media is not only made do duplicate contents, but also to give some intelligence, some explanations to their targets. So as you can be technically in the same universe, but it’s not the single asset that makes you a medium. You can buzz without being like media
  • an access point: media must be available to anyone of their targets. So anti-media should be unavailable for their pools of readers / followers (absurd, but this is what some governments do…)

To be followed!