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September 4th, 2009

Fund-raising, social media and hope-rising

by Laurent François


I’ve been very touched by Wendy Lee post named “the power of Social Media” :

“Everyday, I am learning the struggle that comes with fund-raising, social media, and the like. Perhaps along the way, I offend a few people when I bombard the world with updates about my project. But the important thing is learning to not take it personally. After all, I am building libraries for African kids, not selling people things they don’t need. Some days I have nightmares about not getting the project funded and I will leave Cameroon not building even one single library. Yet other days like today, I face the project with great optimism. With just 30 days to raise $8,000, it’s lucky that those optimistic days occur far more frequently than the nightmares.”

Many insights in this brilliant and catching post:

  • social media are first and foremost people talking to people about projects, about real issues that need to be solved, warned, changed, about how they feel concerned about someone or something
  • you don’t blame your friend to talk sometimes a bit too much about his/her passion or his/her cause: you like people for who they are, not for the online feeds they send to you. So as there’s not any single killer-marketing-best-practice to engage people to your fantastic-digi-platform-that-will-change-the-way-the-chocolate-is-sold. There are only value propositions for what a non-natural organism, a brand, can give to real people
  • social media is like real life: only long-term matters, moreover when it comes to changing the world. So as a project leader, you have to be quickly cool with your goals, then you have to give your project the time to grow up, to analyze the best means. What’s great with Social Media is that you dramatically have to “listen first”. While you’re listening, you’re already engaging yourself to the final destination. As if you were learning a foreign language (let’s say French): once you know how to say bonjour! you’ll improve the experience in this new world, but you’ll also be a cooler buddy for the people around.

Communication is like a good wine

September 4th, 2009

"Online PR is all about community"

by Laurent François

Online PR is all about Community from RealWire on Vimeo.

A great job done again by RealWire to explain what online PR is about.

As it is a video, some elements can be missing:

  • the importance of backoffice work, more specifically analytical ressource
  • planning phase: as you can’t know everything from every community
  • the importance of long-term vision: once you’ve given to communities, and that communities gave you something, you have to keep the relationship. Otherwise you’re just a hooker

Well well well citizens! a good animation we’ll use for our lectures, training, and so ever!