French fiction sales rising!

by Laurent François


An interesting trend: French fiction sales rose again this year. If Western Europe is still the main importer, other reasons explain this success:

Goosing export figures, French fiction sales and presales rose 43% in 2008 to $61 million, the highest since 2000. Many factors are at play explaining the French fiction surge, Bejot said. Gallic paybox Canal Plus had been raising the bar on drama, partly in reaction to the high quality of U.S. series. “There’s also been a diversification in formats with more traditional 90-minute dramas, whether cop shows, costume dramas or comedies, also doing well,” Bejot added.”

New styles & innovations were key. Canal+ had the same role than HBO in the US, with series like Mafiosa.

Some good signs for the world diversity, and we expect a lot from social web developments…

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